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Keith ‘Touch’ Saunders is a rare example of a producer/engineer who not only understands the latest recording technology, but has the aesthetic of an artist who knows what it takes to create a great sounding recording. The best of both worlds. We love working with ‘Touch’ and recommend him without reservation.
– Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth // Tom Tom Club, Talking Heads

Working with Touch was like having a fifth band member in the sessions at all times. It always feels like he has a love and interest in our project as if it were his own, and he is the fastest and most intuitive Protools editor I have ever worked with!
– Fuzz // Caravan of Thieves, Tom Tom Club, Deep Banana Blackout

‘The Great!’ I have been working with Touch for years. Everytime I’m in the studio he amazes me with his ear for the music and also for what is best for me and my sound. I wouldn’t put it any other way, his name says it all. ‘TOUCH’…nothing more to say.
– Slim // Mistah Gotitlike

‘Touch’ is an outstanding engineer who can capture any sound you’re looking to create and, as a producer, he knows how to foster an environment that’s totally conducive to the creative process. He’s also learned never to walk into the booth without knocking first – I’m usually stark naked while tracking vocals.
– Brian Grosz // Dogs of Winter, Lap Dance Academy

TouchSounds, because it sounds so good!

– DJ Ryda

– Sparks // Flight Krew Ent

Touch is a musician and engineer with a great ear and sense of sound. I have always been pleased with the quality he produces, and the honesty of his critique during the creative process.
– Damon Daye // Daye of Tha Katch

When you’re working with Touch you are working with a musician with an understanding of multiple genres. When you are creating with someone like him the overall quality of the music you create expands.
– Future 5000

I’ve had the honor to work with Touch since late 2005 and I must say if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be anything that I am 2day. His passion for music almost guarantees any artist that he works with not only a quality sound but progression.
– Mr Jelk$

The only things more remarkable than Touch’s focus, speed and attention to detail as an engineer are his creativity and heart as a producer.
– Jar-e